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Flat-Pack Cabins

Flat Pack Offices (Expandakabins) arrive flat packed and are man portable, which are ideal for erecting in previously inaccessible locations. It's simple assembly (with a socket set) takes approximately 45 minutes.

Manufactured from fully galvanised steel (no rusting), Expandakabin has attractive smooth paneling, finished in a powder coated moss green (Ral 6005) on the outside and an off white (Ral 9002) powder coat on the inside. The unit has a guttered roof and features a double glazed u-PVC window fitted as standard.

The interior of the insulated Expandakabin is pleasantly light and airy with a durable and smart wall finish - suitable for surface mounted electrics. Once assembled the unit can be moved by crane / forklift or demounted back into it's neat flat-pack form for storage purposes.

Expandakabins can be linked side to side or end to end to provide additional space at any time after initial assembly.

2.3m x 2.3m Flat-Pack Cabin£2,625 + VAT
3.3m x 2.3m Flat-Pack Cabin£3,080 + VAT
4.3m x 2.3m Flat-Pack Cabin£3,735 + VAT
Linking Kit - 2.3m£155 + VAT
Linking Kit - 3.3m£240 + VAT
Linking Kit - 4.3m£270 + VAT
Standard Wall Panel (full size)£130 + VAT
Standard Wall Panel (half size)£85 + VAT
Standard Window Panel£235 + VAT
Standard Door Panel£325 + VAT
Half Glazed Door Panel£390 + VAT
Heavy Duty Window Guard (standard window only)£78 + VAT
Full Height Glazed Door Panel£490 + VAT
Full Height Glazed Window Panel£390 + VAT
Standard Electrics Pack£230 + VAT
Touch-up Spray£15 + VAT