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Flat-Pack Building F.A.Q.

What are flat-pack buildings?

Within the portable building industry, flat-pack buildings provide a solution for sites with limited or restricted access. Given the access required for Hiab vehicles, a lot of sites requiring portable buildings have to go down the flat-pack route to avoid costly mobile crane charges etc. The ‘Expanda’ range of flat-pack buildings that we supply provide the perfect solution for these hard to access projects.

What is the Expanda range?

The Expanda range of flat-pack buildings is a range of fully man-portable cabins and stores engineered for flat-pack storage and transport. Manufactured in Turkey, the Expanda range is imported by an exclusive UK distributor who maintains all stock, handles all deliveries and dictates all prices. Any agent or reseller of the Expanda range deals with this company, which is why prices, availability and lead-times should be identical across the UK.

Have you got any flat-pack buildings in stock?

As mentioned above, there is an exclusive UK distributor of these products who maintains all stock. It makes no sense for us to stock these items ourselves, as the transport charges two ways would make us more expensive than every other reseller in the UK.

What's the lead-time?

As all of these buildings are flat-pack, deliveries are combined into shared loads, allowing a single Hiab lorry to deliver multiple orders into an area in one day. As mentioned above, the UK distributor handles all deliveries, and quotes a lead-time of approximately 2-3 weeks anywhere in the UK. Assuming the product is in stock when you confirm an order, we will allocate the stock immediately and get your order on the next available load to your area. These deliveries are kerbside drops only, and the site must have suitable access for a Hiab lorry. If you’re concerned about site access for delivery, please let us know during the quote and order process.

Can I collect the order myself?

Collections from the factory can be organised when necessary. However, only vehicles that have the footprint of the unit can be used, such as flatbed trucks or trailers. Collecting in a Transit or pick up is not appropriate and you will be turned away. If you’re planning to collect, please discuss this with us during the quote and order process.

Can you erect the building for me on site?

All units in the Expanda range are designed to be erected with just a socket set in under an hour. Provided you have people on site strong enough to lift the panels into position, there is no need for us to attend site to install. In extreme cases where it’s impossible for you to erect the unit yourself, we can supply a quote for installation. Please get in touch for further information.