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Transport F.A.Q.

Do you offer transport/haulage services?

Although we don’t operate our own fleet of vehicles, we will always allow for haulage as part of any portable building quote. This haulage service is completed by third party companies selected by us from a network of hauliers across the UK.

Which hauliers do you use?

We work with many different hauliers across the UK to provide the most cost-effective service we can, and select the most appropriate haulier based upon site location, expertise, availability and many other factors.

Can you offload and position the building for us?

Yes. Our hauliers use vehicles equipped with specialist lifting equipment designed for loading, unloading, lifting and positioning portable buildings. Generally speaking, all transport costs quoted are for a ‘Delivery and Offloading’ service, which includes for offloading the unit into position on site.

What do you mean by 'backload', 'part load' and 'dedicated load'?

We will generally quote all haulage as a ‘backload’ or ‘part load’, meaning that delivery to site will be completed Mon-Fri between 8am and 5pm at the haulier’s discretion, allowing them to combine jobs. Our wide network of hauliers ensures that backloads are generally completed within a fortnight, but we offer the option of ‘dedicated’ loads when a client requires delivery on a specific date, on a weekend or at a specific time.

What are our responsibilities?

To be able to transport and safely offload portable buildings to our customers, we require safe and suitable access and hardstanding for delivery. Check obstructions like overhead power or telephone lines, ensure that the ground conditions are safe and adequate, and ensure that access routes to site are large enough to accommodate. If you’re unsure about anything, please get in touch for further details.

What would be the largest building you can transport?

Generally speaking, there are very few portable buildings larger than 40ft x 12ft, with larger buildings generally being delivered in sections or ‘bays’ as a modular building.

Do your hauliers have CPC/FORS/CLOCS certification?

If the site you’re operating requires hauliers with specific certification, please let us know during the quote process and we can select the appropriate haulier for the job. No matter how strict the requirements, we can source a haulier to meet them.

Do you provide risk assessments and method statements for haulage?

We can supply generic RAMS that cover the offloading of any portable building by Hiab crane, and should be sufficient in most situations. However, certain types of risk assessment may require specific site visits and other associated tasks to be completed that will not be covered within the standard haulage rates. Just let us know your requirements during the quote process and we’ll provide a quote for the additional costs.

Can you provide a lifting plan?

A lifting plan completed by an ‘Appointed Person’ is not a legal requirement for standard Hiab operations, and the generic RAMS mentioned above should prove sufficient in most situations. In the extremely rare circumstance that a client or site demands a site-specific lifting plan, this is the responsibility of the client.