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Toilet & Welfare F.A.Q.

What does is a Welfare Cabin?

A Welfare Cabin is a portable building which includes provision for Toilets, Canteens or Mess Rooms and Drying Rooms . These Units are also often referred to as All-In-One Cabins. Because these units are very compact but still offer all the facilities required for employees they are often used on small sites to conserve space or on larger sites as start-up cabins.

What is a Toilet Cabin?

A Toilet Cabin or Toilet Block is a portable toilet unit that comes in various sizes and layouts depending on requirements.

What types of Welfare Units are available?

Welfare Units are available in many sizes, from compact towable units like the Groundhog Units all the way upto 40ft x 12ft Portable Welfare Cabins. Standalone Welfare Units come complete with their own power source, like an onboard generator, Other welfare units require mains water & electricity to run. In recent years some of the Standalone Welfare Units come with Solar Power and batteries as a backup, these units also tend to be Eco units and use LED lighting to conserve power.

What construction types are available?

Most Welfare Cabins tend to be standalone units with their own powersource and are of an Anti Vandal Steel construction, however any construction type is available to order if required.

What types and sizes of Toilet Cabins are available?

Generally Toilet Cabins come in several standard sizes:- 2+1 (12ft x 9ft) 1x Female, 2x Male + 2x Urinals – 3+1 (16ft x 9ft) 1x Female, 3x Male + 2 or 3x Urinals. The sizes continue upwards from there although the quantity of female toilets generally never increases. If other sizes are requried then they are very hard to come by with used cabins, however any size and layout is available from new as they are all built to order.